The Danger of Gambling Addiction

It's not shameful. It is necessary to break the law of silence about that shame of being addicted to games and sports betting, in particular. This addiction can happen to anyone; even its certain aspect can make you more or less sensitive. Here, the main thing is never to be alone. In our article, you will read about the danger of gambling and how to prevent it.

Why Can We Become Addicted to Sports Betting?

To be able to know and/or cure the addiction, one must understand where it comes from. When you bet, you make a prediction that you think/you want to be true. It causes an adrenaline boost during the sporting event, intensifies the fondness to a team or an athlete. And, this adrenaline is increased when you realize that your bet is right. It is this feeling of pride, omnipotence, and wealth that you want to find.

There are two categories of players. The first one who have a strict budget that they won't exceed under any circumstances, who never bets while being under emotional pressure, and who analyzes almost each of their bets profoundly. It is a reasonable player, who has the same feeling of joy when they win, but who knows how to manage it right.

On the other hand, we have the emotional player, who bet guided by intuition and who wants to win at all costs, literally. Their budget is not really controlled. If gaming happens quite rarely, we don't talk about addiction. But, here, you should pay attention to your capital — you probably have other expenses that are more important than the bet! However, if it happens regularly and your peaks of joy are as high as low your peaks of depression are when you lose your money, then, it may be necessary to act as soon as possible.

Betting Addiction — How to Detect It?

Detecting an addiction is difficult, and it doesn't matter if it is about your close friend or relative. Indeed, the compulsive bettor is quite secretive and they frequently, without putting a word on his evil (they know that such behavior is dangerous), hide their activities. The desire is stronger, and people are in constant search for that adrenaline.

As a close friend, if you find that someone from your surrounding is only talking about betting, games, and predictions, automatically comparing the winning chances when you try to to be interested in their leisure, or, if this person isolates themselves more and more and seems to be no longer able to manage their mandatory monthly expenses (rent, charge, loan, food...), there is a risk that they are addicted to gambling.

How to Help a Friend Who is Addicted to Bets?

To help them, try to open their eyes to a real situation without judging. Talk to them about the value of a bet, but don't insist if you notice aggression in response. It is necessary for your friend to realize their malaise and try to deal with it appropriately. Make the connection between your friend's emotions and the frequency of the bets — maybe the switch will happen. The next step, once the 'patient' is aware of their condition, is to contact the organizations that can provide care and therapies adapted to gambling and betting addictions. Before rushing to specialized medical teams, it's all about listening.