10 Spectacular Sacred Places in the World

In the four corners of the world, there are sacred places of faith with unique architecture that exude an intense spirituality. Temples, churches, pilgrimage sites amaze visitors with their grandeur far beyond the limits of religion.

Places of beauty and emotions, these architectural wonders leave no visitor indifferent. Here, according to our research, are 10 sacred places that are emblematic and spectacular.

1. The Blue Mosque — Istanbul, Turkey

It is one of the symbols of the Turkish metropolis and a true architectural masterpiece. This mosque is actually called Sultan Ahmet Camii, but it is widely known as the Blue Mosque because of the color of its interior ceramics. The room for prayers is impressively bright thanks to its 300 windows. That creates brilliant reflections and plays of shadows and light on the walls and the floor.

2. Shwedagon Pagoda — Yangon, Myanmar

The Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar is one of the most grandiose places of faith on the planet. Just look at that triumph of arrows, Buddha statues, and small temples as well as its magnificent golden dome at sunset. Every Buddhist of Myanmar hopes to go on pilgrimage there at least once in his life! Pray, relax, eat, and light candles: a unique experience!

3. Cathedral of St. Basil — Moscow, Russia

Being a World Heritage Site, the eccentric and magnificent St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow's Red Square is an emblem of Russian architecture. It was built by Tsar Ivan IV the Terrible in honor of the conquest of the Khanate of Kazan in 1552. Legend has it that the Czar ordered that the architects who built the palace be blinded to reproduce such a masterpiece!

4. Angkor Wat — Angkor, Cambodia

Temple City is a huge complex of temples built in the 12th century, by the times of fabulous Khmer empire in Cambodia. These majestic, mysterious, and elegant buildings still used as places of worship will transport you to the time of their heyday, when Angkor was the seat of the Devaraja (god-king) and the heart of the Empire. Angkor Wat is now the symbol of Cambodia.

5. Notre-Dame-de-Paris — Paris, France

The famous cathedral in the center of Paris is an imposing and grandiose neo-Gothic building with superb stained glass windows and gargoyles. Since 1345, the Notre-Dame has undergone many renovations. Today, it is an artistic marvel as much as a place of prayer. Even despite its tragedy, Notre-Dame-de-Paris remains great.

6. The Kaaba, Mecca — Saudi Arabia

The Kaaba is literally the 15 x 12-meter "cube" protected by a veil located in the center of the mosque square in Mecca. It is the place par excellence of Muslim prayer, mainly because it contains the black stone, a sacred relic of Islam. It is in the holy city of Mecca that Muslims pray five times a day, and this is where it is recommended to go on pilgrimage at least once in a lifetime.

7. St. Peter's Basilica — The Vatican

The most important church for Catholics around the world is also one of the largest faith buildings in the world. The basilica is an imposing building decorated with marble columns, gold, paintings, statues of angels and emblematic works of the most famous Renaissance artists, including Raphael, Michelangelo, and sculptor Bernini.

8. The Wailing Wall — Jerusalem, Israel

The Wailing Wall is a significant place of the Jewish and Muslim religions. That is the last part of the still-standing wall surrounding the Temple Mount. It's a controversial place, but whatever your religion and your feelings about the Wall's history, it's exciting to stop here and see believers slip prayer leaves into the cracks of the wall.

9. Sagrada Familia — Barcelona, ​​Spain

What is the sensation of this building, so imposing and mysterious? You will be amazed by contemplating the Sagrada Familia of Barcelona. Now, it is under construction. This expiatory temple project was launched in 1882, and its completion is expected in 2026, but don't hesitate to visit the interior. The grandiose and exaggerated neo-Gothic lines come from the visionary genius of Gaudí, who enriched the structure of so many details that you could spend days discovering them!

10. Lotus Temple — New Delhi, India

The Lotus Temple takes its name from the shape of its 27-petalled white marble structure, reminiscent of one of the most sacred flowers. This building is the most important place of faith in the Baha'i religion, a philosophy born in Persia in the 19th century, preaching universal harmony. Anyone can come in and stay as long as they want to meditate, reflect, pray, or remain hypnotized by the peace that emanates from it.

Tell us which of these incredible places did you visit?