What to Visit in California — Best Things to See along the Coast

What to do in California? That is a question everyone faces when planning their trip to the United States. Why not start with Lake Tahoe? This water point was created two million years ago, thanks to the melting ice. It is considered one of the greatest on earth and has an exceptional setting of mountains and forests. If you want to try the paddling, this is the perfect place!

Located on the coast, Point Reyes National Seashore is an unsuspected natural reserve. It runs along the edge of the Pacific Ocean, offering a beautiful beach preserved from tourists. Being more than twenty kilometers length, the sand band invites you to visit it from one end to the other. By coming in the right season, you can even see whales!

San Diego is often left behind in favor of San Francisco or LA. However, this city located in the west of the Californian state does not have to jealous its big sisters. On the contrary, it has many hot sand beaches. Surfing, water skiing, jet skiing — there are many activities to try in this part of California.

California Emblematic Quarters

Are you in Los Angeles? So, visit the Venice neighborhood! American Venice places you in a completely crazy setting. The colorful houses overlook a canal. So, as a matter of course, they all have their boat. You walk through the neighborhood thanks to the many bridges. The place is quiet, ideal for a family trip to California!

Let's change the mood and go to Union Square, a famous San Francisco square. It is famous for being the heart of the city. For a good reason, everything seems to converge on this place. Being located near shopping malls, close to luxurious shops, and not far from theaters and close to trams, Union Square is bustling with activity.

Do not leave San Francisco too quickly! Before you leave, you must take a walk along Lombard Street. It is the ideal place to build your legs, you can realize at first glance. This street is only composed of curves. From below, the ballet of cars is pretty. From above, an impressive view deserves a souvenir photo!

If you are passing through Santa Monica, you should definitely go to Santa Monica Pier, a pontoon where attractions and restaurants are located. Your children will love it too! Go at dusk, when the artificial lights begin to shine in the distance and reflect on the surface of the water to keep an exceptional memory of yours in the United States.

Attractions to Visit at All Costs

Visiting California also involves going through its many attractions. In Los Angeles, you can find many of them, including the famous Universal Studios. Movie lovers will feel at home in the atmosphere of their favorite movies. The park is divided into two parts — one for attractions and other for scenery and special effects. You experience the great cinematographic adventure in this unique place!

It is not the only place where you can immerse in an incredible atmosphere. There is also the Disney California Adventure. Since 1995, it offers children and adults to rediscover the cartoons of Walt Disney. Through original attractions, you dive into the worlds of Snow White and her companions. It takes a whole day to visit everything!

Still, in Los Angeles, your tour doesn't end without a journey to Six Flag Magic Mountain. This park highlights all the super-heroes of DC Comics: Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, etc. Attractions have been tailor-made to immerse you in these special atmospheres. You will find yourselves with your heads upside down!

National Parks to See in California

Your trip to California will not be complete if you don't walk through Lassen Volcanic National Park. Being less known than others, it offers a surprising landscape. You will follow a path through the reliefs making the walk much more enjoyable. Here and there, you will discover sulfur fumaroles rising. Not far away, you will find mini-lakes with clear water.

Then, take a trip to Pinnacles National Park. This place has an incredible history. Before becoming a small mountain, it was a volcano. But then, it was cut in two pieces. One remained on the spot, creating a mountain range, the other ended 250 km away. Today, we have the feeling that these rocks came from nowhere and were left there.

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks are nature reserves located next to each other. On one side, you'll find the majestic redwoods that are centuries old. On the other, you will be overwhelmed by the beauty of the mountains. This universe is impressive. Don't forget to take out your camera to catch this moment!

California Vineyards to Look For

Southern California is known for its beaches. Yet, it has vineyards of the highest quality! To discover these landscapes, go to the Wine Route! It starts at 2 hours from San Francisco. This winding path will take you straight to Alexander Valley. It is in the heart of these landscapes that you cross the road to Guerneville and Healdsburg. Enjoy your road to taste some regional wines!

Take a ride to Napa Valley. The best is still to take the country roads that take you closer to the vineyards. Being bordered by oaks, they look amazing. Don't hesitate to stop on the side to observe the vines. You may also meet the owner of the place. If so, don't forget to ask them questions about the history of the vineyard!

In the heart of Monterey County, you find the Salinas River. Follow it by taking the Santa Lucia Highlands. This route will take you to visit the vineyards in the heart of the green hills. We advise you to go there in the spring, where the landscape is even more beautiful.